01.Solid-Just-Surface Solid collection
02.Ceramic sinks and fountains
03.Thermostatic / taps collection
04.Bath furniture and accessories
05.RVS-304 "ORE" taps collection
06.Shower enclosures

-What should I do in case of damage?

If you have noticed damage to your product, you must. within 48 hours, report it to us using the service request form.

01.-What is Solid Surface?
Just-Solid collection baths and washbasins Solid Surface literally means durable surface material.
It is a product on the basis of an acrylic-mineral raw material, consisting essentially of aluminum hydroxide.
(Natural mineral released during bauxite mining) and polymethyl methacrylate (abbreviated acrylic).
The advantages of these two materials are combined to form an extremely strong and durable material.

Some characteristics and features:

-Solid porous and homogeneous
-Moisture stain resistant and repels most bacteria
-Strong and durable
-Maintenance friendly
-Hot, timeless, beautiful and robust as stone

Workable like wood and by its regenerable surface always like new.
Environmentally friendly and biologically justified.

Warranty: for the Solid Surface "Just-Solid" collection is a warranty period of 1 years to finish.

Exclusion of guarantee for the entire Solid Surface Just-Solid collection:

Improper installation / poor maintenance / scaling / freezing / poor water quality / carelessness or weft /
use of abrasive, anti-scale or caustic / changes to the original surface layer by disassembly.

02.-What are the installation / maintenance and warranty requirements of ceramic basins and fountains?
Check before mounting the sink / fountain for any damage and / or defects. Damage and / or defects that are passed after installation, do not give warranty "Mounted been accepted." If you have a defect and / or damage found we ask you to contact directly with your supplier. They ensure that you receive service as quickly as possible.

All ceramic sinks / fountains are made with a perfectly baked basin. The ceramic sinks / fountains are made from a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances. The mixtures are ground, dried to a certain degree of humidity, brought into the desired shape, and then (whether or not after a number of applications) baked at temperatures of 1000 to 1250 degrees. For the ceramic sinks / fountains is that they are subject to dimensional tolerances by baking process.

Complaints concerning deviations and bumps are therefore not considered.

Take care when placing a ceramic sink in an alcove, taking into account the size tolerance.

You should keep in mind that ceramic sinks / fountains are not always right-angled and there may be some bumps in the sight sides. Furthermore it is not possible to carry out additional operations, such as an extra tap hole or an extra hole for a soap dispenser.

If you pass on certain conditions damage gets into your ceramic basin / fountain after installation, then the damage is unfortunately not work out.

Below are some points to keep the sink / fountain in good condition:

For daily maintenance you can sink / fountain take off with a damp cloth with warm / hot water.

Ceramic sanitary ware
The main problem with plumbing and especially closets and cranes scaling. The cause is scale which attaches itself to all the materials. The water comes on tiles, shower walls, taps, furniture, etc. The water evaporates and the scale will remain behind. Eventually created a white haze. On chrome, aluminum and varnish scale can even turn brown or red.

An easy to obtain remedy is natural or cleaning vinegar. It is best to lay a vinegar soaked piece of toilet paper on the affected area. After a night soaking the attack can be brushed away like that. Always make sure that the vinegar cannot dry. Vinegar is acidic, which means the product continues to operate until it is neutralized. You neutralize it by excessive flushing with clean water.

When limestone is removed, it is important to prevent further attack. If namely once scale on the enamel, it will easily grow. To counteract the formation of a thick limestone layer can be used an ordinary neutral cleaner and bathroom cleaner. This means solves no scale, but causes the first, often hardly easy to remove visible deposits. In the sanitary ware, and in particular for sinks, there is often still a different problem. The ceramic is dirt soap residue and skin oils that are successful on the enamel. The right cleaning products for this are the so-called all-purpose cleaners. They are a means with a non-acidic composition. At very strength contamination does a special bathroom cleaner usually better than a cleaner Normally a cleaner ample and useful for multiple cleaning tasks. Remember always after each cleanup all good rinse with water.

The use of abrasives is not recommended. These resources include components based on synthetic material or sand. Which take care of the abrasive action. These resources provide for intense use still some damage on the ceramic materials.

Finally, a warning for toothpaste. If toothpaste dries in the basin, the glaze after several hours is inevitably affected and there is a mat place. Ensure always that the ceramic is cleaned, when toothpaste is left!

03.-What are the installation / maintenance and warranty requirements for thermostatic
The thermostatic mixer is NOT suitable for a close-in boiler or low pressure supply.
The thermostatic mixer is equipped with non-return valves that ensure that water does not flow into the valve back

To prevent dirt from settling in thermostatic and / or diverter section, we ask you to mount
the thermostatic mixing valve to the pipes free of burrs and dirt and even wash.

Before opening the main valve, also fully open our tap.

In this manner, the dirt is removed already.

With the included S-unions, it is possible to mount the faucet on hot and cold water pipes with a center distance of 15 cm.
Wrap the S-unions on the wall side with Teflon tape.
Screw the links on the threads of the water pipes.
Tighten the fittings so that the crane exactly horizontally at the terminals can be mounted
Screw the cover roses for the S-unions
Place the nuts on the S-unions: the left nut to the hot water pipe; the judge nut on the cold water pipe.
Tighten the nuts with a spanner or wrench.
Wrap the cable glands with a cloth to prevent damage

-Adjust (Calibration of the valve):
Set the thermostat knob to the 38gr. position.
come let the water temperature and measure the temperature with a thermometer.
The water has not the right temperature then press the security button and slowly rotate the
thermostat until the thermometer 38gr.aangeeft.
Do not turn on and connect the water supply with the left button
Remove the decorative cover to the right of the valve and turn the screw behind loose.
Turn the knob back flush with the 38gr. indication.
Now turn the screw again and insert the decorative cover back.

Dry the tap after use thoroughly .This prevents scale and dirt deposits on the chrome.
Add to periodically open the tap with the thermostat alternately on the highest and lowest temperatures. This prevents calcium deposits on the inside.

Troubleshooting / building thermostatic valve does not heat:

-Do you have multiple thermostatic valves mounted elsewhere on the lead?
It may be that the check valves of this valve are defective so that there is hot water back into the conduit thereby the thermostatic element cannot flow longer optimal mix the water.

-It May be that the heating system just enough hot water issues which the thermostatic element cannot mix enough water.
This can be solved by taking a larger showerhead.

-In / Build faucet is not hot.
It may happen that during the installation of the on / building crane debris in the pipe remained behind so that the thermostatic element is not working properly.

-Tap Gives little water:
Dirty Seven clogged- Clean dirt seven.

-Tap Whistle:
Check valves clogged -Clean valves

-Showerhead / tub spout leaks:
Inside work dirt descale the inside (only use white vinegar)

-Hot water flows into the cold water or vice versa.
Valves clogged- Clean valves.

-In / Building thermostatic only hot or cold.
What could be a possible cause?
One of the possible causes would be exchanged for hot connections respectively. cold water.

The connection for hot water should be on the left side, standing to the right for cold water.

Our Recessed Thermostatic Shower Faucets meet new European standards TMV2 see accompanying leaflet (EN1111 standards)
This is a mixer, it is therefore important that you ensure that you have good water pressure and the water pressure for hot and cold alike.

The recommended water pressure is between 2-4 bar. If your water pressure is higher, you can reduce the water pressure by a regulator valve.

We advise all our customers to have your product by a qualified plumber or electrician install.

We can NOT be held responsible for installation and / or plumbing costs

Renewed MILANO, BOLOGNA, NEW-QUADRO & NEW NAPLES-built thermostats
With this new shower fitted thermostats are the filters of the installation crane mounted on the front, behind the cover.
This has the advantage that if there would be something wrong with your concealed thermostat faucet, can solve this in many cases through that connection,

In this way, the destruction or damage of your tiling is not necessary.

Recessed Line never fill / smearing cement or other filler because of possible dismantling and replacing recessed portion / cartridge.

For the taps chrome finish is a warranty period of 1 year.

The ceramic inner parts and thermostatic cartridges we offer a 1 year warranty

Exclusion of guarantee for the entire Best Design taps Collections:

Improper installation / pressure / temperature / inadequate hot water supply / poor maintenance / scaling / freezing / poor water quality / carelessness or weft / service parts / use abrasive, anti-scale or caustic / changes to the original surface layer by disassembly.

04.-What are the general installation instructions and warranty provisions for bathroom
In order to claim the warranty we expect from you as the owner and the user to mind during assembly and in use the following points:
-Check The cabinet before placing on any defects or errors
-Provide Good ventilation.
-Place A furniture NEVER immediately next to a bath or shower without a fixed partition wall, the unit must hang splash-free.
-NEVER let wet or damp things in or on the furniture behind.
-Do NOT use abrasive or aggressive detergents.
-Allow Connect electricity at all times by a qualified electrician.

If, before you place the furniture, despite all our precautions, you have noticed something not in order, consult your dealer.
When warranty parts are supplied by us, all costs such as installation, plumbing, tiling will not be compensated. Light color deviations do not entitle complaints.

-The Warranty period starts on the day of delivery and expires at:
-Wrong assembly -Not Sufficiently ventilated rooms
-No Or improper maintenance -Insufficient provided assistance to solve the problem
-Placing furniture along a bath or shower without fixed partition wall.

-Maintenance for cabinets:
-Clean with a damp cloth.
-Don’t use soap or other cleaning product.
-Don’t use too hot water.

-Maintenance of artificial marble sinks / Poly concrete:
-All artificial marble / Poly concrete sinks are seamlessly cast.
-The Whole is a mixture of crushed marble, quartz and polyester and the dimensional tolerance is plus / minus 5 mm.
-The Sink is only hardened after 1 month.
-In This period only a soap solution can be used for maintenance.
-After That usual cleaning agents may be used.
-Do NOT use cleaners with abrasives such as CIF.
-The Counter does not tolerate aggressive cleaners such as acids, ammonia, liquid plumber (i.e. they contain aggressive soda), hair dye, bleach and hot water above 60 gr.

By regularly, e.g. 3 times per year, treat the counter with a good car wax, the surface is polished and small scratches can disappear, also reinforces the water repellency.
If in certain circumstances you will damage your sink after installation, the minor scratches can be eliminated by sanding on the site of the scratch with wet sandpaper (ca.1200 grains) and then polish with car wax.

05.RVS -304 "ORE" Cranes - Stainless Steel Accessories:

To prevent dirt from fixing, we ask you to mount the taps to the pipes free of burrs and dirt and flush them.

To open the main valve, also to fully open our tap.

In this manner, the dirt is removed already.

All faucets and accessories should be rinsed with clean water immediately and thoroughly after cleaning and dried with a soft cloth.

Toilet and drain cleaners, abrasives, bleach and acids are not suitable for cleaning our stainless steel valves and stainless steel accessories.

Especially toilet brushes that have come into contact with drain cleaners should be rinsed immediately after use with clean water and to dry.

WC drain cleaners typically contain aggressive substances, which also may cause stainless steel already after a short time corrosion.

Stainless steel AISI 304:

SS stands for stainless steel and will not rust with proper treatment

Stainless steel is very durable

Stainless steel is lead-free and contributes to the protection of the environment and the health.

Stainless steel valves have a production process that is more environmentally friendly than the process of a chrome-plated brass faucet.

AISI 304 stainless steel consists of 18% chromium, 8% nickel and iron.

Stainless steel valves and accessories 1 year warranty.

Exclusion of guarantee for the entire SS-304 "ORE" taps Collections:

Improper installation / pressure / temperature / inadequate hot water supply / poor maintenance / scaling / freezing / poor water quality / carelessness or weft / service parts / use abrasive, anti-scale or caustic / changes to the original surface layer by disassembly.

06.Showerenclosures Best Design Series: ERICO

Best-Design glass walls are made of hardened NANO EASY Cleaning tempered safety EN12150.

NANO-EASY Cleaning safety glass has an additional protection for scaling thanks to nanotechnology.

Nano Easy Cleaning is a protective layer. This gives dirt no chance to attach. It makes cleaning much easier and faster.

We recommend the use of abrasives, anti-scale or caustic off that could damage the protective Nano.

Nano also ensures water drains faster from the glass and leave fewer streaks.

The glass is resistant to pressure on the surface, except: battle of an object, especially on the side, during installation you should carefully with the glass to go to avoid a blow to the side.

If there is a knock on the glass side takes place breaks the glass completely broken into small pieces.

We are not responsible for any damage arising from the non-observance of the correct installation and maintenance.